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2014-06 Absorptionstorn för ClO2. Ny sektion Nr 1, tillverkad i CPVC och GAP.

Absorption of CLO2​

Technology for absorbing ClO2 gas in water with a number of re-distribution trays, that provide a low pressure drop and installation height.

Bleach plant scrubber​

Scrubbers equipped with a number of re-distribution trays, clean the ventilation gas from the bleaching plant.

Pretreatment of biological sludge

System for pre-treating biological excess sludge before incineration in a recovery boiler.


Process vessels designed to offer the laws of nature an opportunity to separate turpentine from condensate.

2015-10 Absorptionstorn för ClO2 | Leverans av reservdelar till Chemetics Inc för ett massabruk i Indonesien. 2015-10

Spare parts

Manufacture and delivery of several different spare parts.

2015-03 Flamrör CNCG brännare | Designad i Solid Works. 2015-03

Engineering services​

Together with our broad network, we offer qualified engineering services.

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