Technology and engineering services in the global paper & pulp industry.

Through our broad network, we offer both consulting services and delivery of equipment and spare parts.

Welcome to Process Engineering Ovik AB - a company operating in the global paper and pulp industry

Our vision is for our customers to feel confident in our products and services. Through our broad network, we offer customized solutions with a focus on quality.


Absorption tower for CLO2, Bleach plant scrubber, White liquor oxidation, pre-treatment of excess sludge, Turpentinedecanting


We offer a number of engineering services. Among other things, project management, process design, erection site monitoring, purchasing and manufacturing control, etc.


Process Engineering Ovik AB, takes responsibility for protecting the health of our employees and subcontractors.

Through a well-developed network and collaboration with, among others, Eurocon Engineering AB and Mill Solutions and Technologies AB, we offer sustainable turn key solutions in the paper and pulp industry.

Everything from initial process design via project management, design, procurement, manufacturing, delivery of equipment, assembly and check-out and start-up. We also offer engineering, where you as a customer are responsible for all procurement of equipment until complete assembly.

Our focus is on processes, equipment and spare parts for the global paper & pulp industry within:

  • CNCG/DNCG systems
  • cleaning of the ventilation gases from the bleach plant,
  • separating turpentine from condensate,
  • Oxidation of white liquor
  • pre-handling of biological sludge
  • Absorption of chlorine dioxide.
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New order

Recently, we have received a new order for new droplet separators from Norco Plast AB for a bleaching scrubber at Husum Fabriker.

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Manufacturing of a Top Cap to a existing absorption tower for ClO2 at Nippon Dynawave Packaging, USA

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New purchase.

A new order from Chemetics Inc Canada for manufacture and delivery of a cover for an absorption tower for ClO2 at Nippon Dynawave Packaging, USA.

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